After years working for Queensland Cricket, I am branching out on my own and setting up coaching programs in the club and school systems. Junior development has always been a passion of mine and with my experience I believe I can make a positive contribution to young cricketers.

The goal is to set up programs in metropolitan and country Queensland with a view to:

  1. Teaching the fundamental skills to developing cricketers
  2. Improving and shaping the skills of existing cricketers
  3. Educating existing and new coaches on “fundamental” and “advanced” coaching techniques
  4. Exposing “Cricket” to new audiences and promoting our great game in Queensland

As a result the outcomes will:

  1. Improve the enjoyment factor for developing cricketers
  2. Improve the standard of junior club cricket, representative cricket and school cricket
  3. Increase the retention rate for junior cricketers
  4. Enhance the reputation of our sport in metropolitan and country Queensland

EMAIL: info@tocricket.com

OR 0419725828