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Coaching structures and skill specific coaching programs at many schools and cricket clubs are very add-hock. Clubs simply do not have the expertise and/or resources to pull together a high quality and sequential coaching program that will see their player base given the best opportunity of reaching their full potential. 


Let T.O.’s Cricket write and perform the program for you. We are happy to sit with you and discuss your needs before presenting you with a detailed program that we are confident will love. Contact us today about any one of our program or call us discuss any additional concepts.

Fundamentals Program

  • Designed for all junior cricketers (Boys and Girls) aged 8 to 13.
  • The program is about having fun and high volume hitting, catching, bowling, ground fielding, throwing etc. with good technique.
  • Conducted in groups of 12 to 36 players.
  • All players will undertake training in each discipline (batting, bowling & fielding)
  • There is a life-skills component built in to the program.
  • Ideal for clubs and schools.

Specialist Batting Coaching

  • Designed for all cricketers (Boys and Girls) aged 8 to 80.
  • The program can be tailored to suit individual or group needs.
  • Starting with the basics this program can focus on any combination technical, tactical, mental or physical skills.
  • Coaching can be conducted individually or for groups.
  • Ideal for clubs and schools.

Holiday Coaching Clinics

  • Designed for cricket clubs and associations.
  • The program can be tailored for a single day or multi-days.
  • Coaching can be conducted individually or for groups.
  • Ideal for clubs and associations

School Coaching

  • Designed for state and private schools.
  • Programs can be conducted during school hours or before/after school.
  • Programs range from fundamental to advanced (depending on your needs)
  • Single or multi-week programs can be arranged

Coach Education/In-services


The long-term plan is to conduct school holiday programs in country areas as well as assist these areas to be self-reliant when it comes to coaching their own players.